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Austin & Jessica
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Austin & Jessica :

Setting Sail

After searching for weeks, I finally stumbled across the perfect ring. The center stone appeared to float surrounded by tiny diamonds. Next, I went to visit her parents to ask them for their blessing. They were excited and shared their wisdom with me. Her Mom asked if she could see the ring, but I politely declined since I didn't want anyone to see the ring before Jessica.
I had been planning to propose for a weekend that was over a month away, but couldn’t stand having the ring, since I knew it belonged on her finger. I had a few ideas on what the ultimate proposal would be and I finally settled on one idea that involved our love of sailing and was going to take a large amount of preparation, teamwork, and secrecy.
The plan involved borrowing a sailboat, a spinnaker sail, and organizing a crew of friends to sail the boat. I worked with a friend from a local sail-making company to put “Marry Me?” on the spinnaker sail. Meanwhile, I was also contacting some of my best buddies to help crew the boat on this special mission. I created a plan for them that had detailed locations for the proposal that depended upon the days wind direction and even included a “no wind” plan that involved putting the sail up and motoring backwards to make the spinnaker fly! The final piece to the puzzle was to have a professional photographer, taking paparazzi photos while the proposal was unfolding.
The night before I called her and told her that I had just received a gift certificate for a nice restaurant on the bay. I wanted to wait to the last minute to make it seem like it was not anything special, until I found out her roommate had plans with her! I spent the next day scrambling to contact her roommate to have her cancel.
Now the plan was in place! I met the crew at the boat and they all looked sharp in their khaki pants and white polo’s. They told me that I needed to leave! I was pretty nervous as I reviewed the plan many times.
Finally, after what felt like the longest day of my life, I picked up Jess and headed down to the bay. I asked her if we could go on a walk and she agreed that it would be nice. The ring was burning in my pocket! We notice a boat dangerously close to the rocks…

“What is that boat doing?!” she said... “Oh I don’t know, let’s watch,” I replied.

The big white spinnaker sail flew up and in large red letters she read, “Marry Me?” She turned around to find me on one knee and the ring sparkling in the sunset. She cried with excitement and said, “YES, YES, YES!” My ultimate proposal came together perfectly, with my friends cheering wildly, and I held my fiancé in my arms with the ring of her dreams.

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