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Scavenger Hunt to His Heart

Three weeks before my birthday, my friends Chris and Mary called me to say they were going to visit to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know, my boyfriend Nick had actually asked them to come visit to distract me.

The Saturday morning before my birthday, Nick snuck into my apartment at 6:50am. I woke up to Nick singing me happy birthday. He handed me a letter that explained that my friends and I were about to venture into a birthday scavenger hunt. Nick gave me a key, which he said I'd need later, and then he left.... leaving us confused and frantic to get ready.

When my friends and I went to the car, I found a large wooden lock box awaiting me. Nick had made the 6 compartment box, each with its own lock. I unlocked the first compartment with the mystery key, and the first clue led me to our favorite French restaurant for breakfast. At each place he sent me, there was another envelope with a key which opened another compartment, holding another surprise. For the second clue, Nick set up horseback riding near the Hollywood sign, since he knows how much I love horses! The third clue sent us to my favorite gelato shop for a quick refreshment. The fourth clue was a surprise in Santa Monica to see my favorite street performer, Chelsea Williams, who sang me happy birthday and gave me my next key. For this clue, cash awaited me so that I could go shopping at the nearby stores!

At this point, I was more than elated, but yes, there was one last clue. Nick only left me driving directions for this clue, which nervously led me to a park in Marina del Rey. I thought to myself, “What an extravagant birthday!” Once we parked, I started to become anxious and lost my way, so I called Nick and completely missed one of my surprises! Five of my best friends from out-of-town shouted out my name because I walked passed them! I was in total shock, but we walked down the park's pathway where I saw balloons, more of our friends, and Nick holding a birthday cake with candles lit. Everyone started singing Happy Birthday, and just before I finished blowing out the candles, Nick threw the cake to the ground, pulled the ring box out from a strategically hidden hole in the cake, got on one knee, opened the box and blurted “Blerblugbluh?” Luckily for him, actions speak more than words, and I exclaimed “Of course!!” We hugged and kissed, then realized that everyone was watching us, waiting to see the ring. I pulled away for a moment to show off my 3 stone diamond ring, which sparkled particularly well against the backdrop of the marina. Then there on the ground, we saw that there was still one candle lit on the cake... turns out you need to leave one lit to have your wish come true.
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